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Elegant Themes

TheStyle Magazine WordPress Theme

Posted by on May 21, 2013

TheStyle  is a magazine-style WordPress theme that features a crisp and modern design.  This theme also features a  unique jQuery-enhanced, fluid width design, which means your...

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Blogger Widgets

Related Post Thumbnails

Posted by on Apr 24, 2011

Showing related posts under each post on your blog keeps readers engaged and increases pageviews. By showing related posts, you are showing not only recent stories but also past...

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The Universe

interactive infographic - size of the universe

Posted by on May 25, 2012

Below is an interactive infographic developed by Number Sleuth. It let’s you see the size of the universe and the things in it. It accurately illustrates the scale of over...

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fast computer

Posted by on Jul 19, 2012

Speed is the essence of computing whether it is making a computing programme or checking the mail on your laptop. Everything should happen in the spur of moment. However, many a...

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Recent Posts

Are Smart Phones Moving to Replace Laptops?


Apr 9, 2014

The technology behind phones is evolving at an alarmingly rapid rate. We went from rotary phones to smart phones in just a couple of decades, and we are now able to send pictures, update Facebook profiles, and shoot video all from the palm of our hand. The hottest phone on the market today is packed with memory. It seems almost impossible to stay... Read More →

Selling Your Old Laptop: A Quick Guide

old laptops

Nov 6, 2013

Once you have used your laptop for a few years, you may find that it does not fulfill all of your requirements any longer. When this happens, you may want to invest in another laptop. If so, rather than throwing away your old laptop, you may want to sell it instead, and then use some of this money to invest in your new laptop. If you decide to sell your old... Read More →

Know Your Online Alarm Clock – Infographic

online alarm clock

Oct 24, 2013 (or Online Alarm Clock) is one of those simple, classic websites that just about everyone knows.  It is a simple and easy to use online alarm clock that lets you set an alarm time right in your web browser.  The site is complete with cool and useful features such as clock radio, video alarm clock, mood clock, and different countdown timers.... Read More →

Testing Hosted Applications on Local Machines


Oct 16, 2013

Creating an application is a laborious and often thankful task, but arriving at the testing phase is a welcome milestone. Personally, I prefer to test as I go because there’s nothing more frustrating that trekking back through hours or even days’ worth of code trying to see where you went wrong. Every time that happened to me, it was inevitably a mistake... Read More →

It’s more about selling chocolate bars, isn’t it? (Comic)

Android KitKat

Sep 8, 2013

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