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Since there are tons of websites on almost every niche, finding a new and great website is a difficult task. In a jungle of websites, what should you do to make your website more popular? You need to get noticed to get traffic directed towards your website. Here are some simple tips to help you.

1.  Good web hosting

This point is for people who haven’t created a website yet. Once you select a domain name, you’ve got to select the right hosting option. It is best to get specialized blog hosting, as it will let you have a great looking website in almost no time. If you don’t have good hosting plan, you won’t be able to handle incoming traffic, which means your website cannot be popular. There are many hosting companies out there, but it is wise to select the one that has experience and a strong reputation. Read reviews of web hosting companies before committing for a long term plan.  Get a company that has at least 99.9% of uptime. It would be best if they had live chat support to help you whenever you need them.

2. Optimization

If you don’t know about this, take some time out and learn about it. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategies can make a website really successful. A few basic things about SEO are the use of right keywords and high quality content. Once you are done with good content and keyword optimization, move on to link building. Link exchange is pretty easy. You can visit a website you like and ask the webmaster if they would be interested in link exchange. Creativity will take you a long way here. If you offer something that your competitors don’t, websites would love to exchange links with you.

3.  Social networking

SEO cannot be complete without the involvement of social media. Your social media campaign should include many different things. Make yourself visible on websites like Facebook. Other good sites are LinkedIn and Twitter. You can link to your website in your posts. Even if they are nofollow, you would still get traffic from people who read your posts.

4.  Involve visitors

Write in a personal tone that would make visitors feel at home. You can also have a small competition and offer rewards to the winners. You don’t have to offer expensive rewards- people just like to compete, and the feeling of being winner is sometimes more important.
You can even start a forum in your website to involve more visitors. This way, people can express their views and talk to each other. And if a topic gets popular, it might attract other websites.

5.  Usability

Your website should be easy to use. Take some time in designing it in such a way that people find navigation easy. Also, make sure you don’t overdesign your site. Spending days on designing would be futile if users don’t even understand it. It is hard to pinpoint differences between a good design and a bad design, but it is always a safe bet to keep the layout and other things simple.

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