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The Origin of the Universe

Universe - Big Bang

Space and time is created in the Big Bang.

The Big Bang describes the origin of the entire Universe.  But it is often misunderstood as an explosion in space, as though space existed, as though time existed, and had simply been an explosion of matter and energy into space.  But something deeper that is going on and that is space itself is created in the Big Bang, and time is created in the Big Bang.  The simplest picture of the Big Bang starts with nothing — no space, no time, no energy, no matter — there’s nothing but the potential to exists.   The following video takes the Big Bang Theory and presents it in it’s most concise form.

Source: youtube: Keith Olwell

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  1. Thanks for this interesting information!

  2. The best explanation (at least the most intriguing one) is from the end of MIB ;)


    No one knows for sure anyway…

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