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How To Add Recent Posts Widget to your Blogger (blogspot) Blog


Here’s how you can make a simple Recent Posts widget for your Blogger blog:

UPDATE: If you’re looking for a more customizable Recent Posts Widget, you may want to try this Recent Posts Widget for Blogger (v2). It allows you to change the number of posts, the number of characters of the post summary (excerpt), and show the post dates. You also have the option to display post titles only (without the post excerpts). Or if you want it with post images, grab the Recent Posts with Thumbnails Widget instead.

1. Login to your Blogger Dashboard
2. go to your blog’s Layout, and click Add a Page Element
3. add a Feed (click “add to blog” under the page element Feed)
4. Configure Feed:

A. Enter your blog’s feed URL in the box. Use the URL below..
Just replace the text indicated in blue with your own blog address.

(for blogs using custom domain)

B. Click Continue.

C. Change the Title to “Recent Posts” or “Recent Entries” or whatever you prefer to call it. You can also choose to show the item dates and author.

5. SAVE CHANGES. That’s it!

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  1. HOLY DAMN!!! Finally! Someone got it right… oh my God I can’t believe I never thought of this before… Thanks, bro!

  2. You’re welcome, David! :)

  3. Er Ic /

    If you change ‘posts’ to ‘comments’ you can view Recent Comments. Good idea either way. I never thought to do it this way. Kudos

  4. Dang. I totally lost contact with you, dude! Where’d I go? Where’d you go? Anyhoo, love the post. So glad I stopped by.

    I followed the instructions. All went well. Hope I didn’t make too much noise and wake you. It’s late you see. Now I want to do the most recent comments one. They’re usually nice, so to display them will be nice.

    Hope you’re having a gr8 weekend. Rock ~n roll…speaking of. You played the band meme? LInky love, linky love. Come on by if ya have time. Grab a cup’a joe or someth’n-someth’n. We’ll hang.

    ‘nuf said. *huggies*

  5. Ya it works.. but it shows only five headlines per page..

    Can i have scroll type headlines so that viewers can see more topics of my articles..

  6. good stuff … but i couldn’t get it to work.

    can someone provide a sample

    blogspot url so i can analyze to discover my mistake ?

  7. @lynn,

    what seems to be the problem? mayb i can help.

  8. great stuff! thanx,

    but what about the old blogger which does not have that option of adding a feed as a module ?

    i.e. is there a way to utilize this described method on the old blogger templates ?

  9. Denise Clarke /

    Cool beans! Works great!


  10. Nice. Now is there a way to grab the code that creates the recent posts so I can stick it in one of my own sidebar content boxes?

  11. I guess not.

  12. Hi Doug C.,

    The method presented above can help you create a Recent Posts widget that you can add to your sidebar.

  13. That doesn’t even answer my question. I might not have asked it in the right way. Let me try this….

    Is there a way to get the code that the widget produces so I can then delete the widget and paste that code into my own hand-designed widget?

  14. Thank god there’s people like you around to explain things simply. This is exactly what I wanted thanks a lot

  15. I’m assuming you don’t know then?

  16. Found a much easier (and workable) method for getting your recent posts. Just log into Feedburner and go to Publicize > BuzzBoost. Adjust the settings to your liking and then ‘Save’. Then just simply go to Layout > Page Elements, click ‘Add a Gadget’ in your sidebar, choose ‘HTML/JavaScript’, and then copy/paste the code from Feedburner. You now have a feed to your recent posts, which will update every time you write a new one.

  17. This is so simple but works wonderfully! I’ve been looking for a reliable Recent Posts widget. Thank you!

  18. Thank you. Super easy. I installed as a side bar widget, then hacked the code so that it will appear after every blog post (like I see on WordPress).

    Muchas gracias :)

  19. thanks. really helpful. :))

  20. it was useful. thank you.

  21. worked for me. Thank you :)

  22. Thank you for the tip! Really simple and usable function.

  23. it is working on my blog.thanks…

  24. Thanks for tips and trick, it is simple

  25. hi, this is very nice, I found it from ny brother’s blog, but if I may ask, can it be like a headline new?, so people can view the title and also a little of the article, then people will know some sentences in the article opening so they can continue clicking it and view the complete article.
    thank you mad tomato!!!

  26. arrrh thanks so much for this information, i have been trying to work this out for ages… your a goodin…

  27. hey, this widget is working BUT my deleted posts are still showing up! any way to get them not to show up on this widget?

  28. era o que eu precisava

  29. Perfect – just what I was looking for. Thanks!!

  30. friend .. i used this hack to show recent post.. but it is showing only last 5 posts.. plz i want to show my posts last 15-20 posts… plz help me for this…

  31. @devendar,

    I will try to look into it as soon as I can.

  32. @devendar,

    Try this new Recent Posts Widget. This might solve your problem with the number of posts .

  33. Wen /

    thank u… i like it v much

  34. wonderful….thanks so much

  35. Works Great!
    Thanks for the post!

  36. tnks darlings… its awesome…. :)

  37. wow newbie neh saya , n thanks ya info recent post……klo senggang mampir yah n sepatah 2patah kaki…eh kata di postingan saya hehe

  38. I love this thing, but is there a way to change the text color? My blog’s background is black and the links get lost in it…

  39. Awesome, because I was looking for a simple text widget that didn’t mess up my layout. (Some widgets make the bulleted list double-spaced, which I don’t like.)

    Is there any way to display more than 5 items though???

    • There’s no way to display more than 5 items using this widget. This widget uses Blogger’s Feed Widget to fetch recent entries, and the Feed Widget is capable to display only 5 items.

      If you want a Recent Posts widget that can display more than 5 items, go to this post: Recent Posts Widget 2.

      The post will show you two options. The first code will display recent posts with excerpts, while the second code will display titles only.

      Please let me know if this answers your question.


  40. Wow, its very short, simple and easy to setup. But, it would be better if it shows more than 5 recent entries.

  41. Brilliant! Works perfectly and it does not require template tweaking. Thanks a lot!

  42. good work…good post
    i will use it for my mp3songs blog

  43. Nice one ,i have added to my footer section .
    looks good for the blogs like me and only 5 posts are sufficient.

    Check my footer to find this gadget look

  44. In IE, the link colors on the gadget are blue! All my other links follow my CSS code except the gadget!

    Please help :)

    • Aikaye /

      The post title will not change color. I’ve tried a tag and it changes all of the text EXCEPT the post title.

      Any ideas??

  45. Thanks, it works very fine!

  46. tanx for this info!!

  47. I set up a feed from another blog page to show recent posts. Did it months ago. But when I went to edit it today, it simply wouldn’t do anything when I clicked Save. So I decided to try and create a new recent posts feed. Same thing. Wouldn’t save when I clicked Save. So I tried it using a different browser. Then a different computer. No dice. It works fine till I click Save then just sits there. No error message. It just never saves it. I’ve tried going for coffee for half an hour and when I come back the window is still sitting there. I just can’t figure it out!

    • Hmm.. that’s weird..
      How about the other gadgets, could you try editing one and see if you can save it. If the same thing happens, then there must be something in your template or in one of your gadgets that’s causing the problem.

  48. Yeah it is weird! I’ve been creating a few new gadgets as I’m doing a makeover, and the only one that won’t save is the stupid feed! What’s that about???

  49. I had already use it.. but how can I customize the widget so that 10 recent post will show on the sidebar? anybody knows how to tweak about it?

  50. Thanks for helping. It worked perfectly well.

  51. I have the recent posts widget on my blog, but is there a way to change which posts it starts with. I don’t want it to show the ones I already have up on my main page, I just want it to show the ones posted after that. (make sense?) Is there a way to customize that?

  52. I got difficult times just to get rid ridiculous css from third party widget.

    Thanks to this post, you give me the clue how to solve things. Pretty simple but unthinkable before.

    Thanks again

  53. Thanks for helping. It worked perfectly well

  54. Recent posts is such a useful widget for SEO and for increasing user experience when they’re on your site.

  55. It worked great but do you know how to do one with a large picture that rotates?

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