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Google Translate Mini-Flags Widget


Add a Google Translate Mini Flags widget to your blog. Powered by Google Translate, this widget lets your visitors view your pages translated in their own native languages with just a click.

Single Column


Single Row


Double Row


This widget is tested on Blogger, WordPress and Joomla. It might also work on other platforms.

How to add the Google Translate Mini-Flags Widget to your blog:


1. Go to your Dashboard > Layout > Add a Page Element > HTML/JavaScript
2. Paste the code
3. Add a title. Ex: Translate, Translate this page, Google Translate (Optional)
4. Save (or Save Changes).


1. Login to your Admin panel > Presentation tab > Widgets tab
2. Paste the code into the Text Widget. If there’s no Text Widget available, add one.
3. Add a title. Ex: Translate, Translate this page, Google Translate (Optional)
4. Save.

Joomla site

1. Login to your Admin panel > ModulesSite Modules > click New
2. Paste the code into the Custom Output content box
3. Adjust module details and menu item links if necessary
4. Click Apply or Save.

Google Translate is still on its beta phase. Much like with other web page translation services, your readers might find parts of the translation very funny. Google has yet to meet their standards on this.

This widget is distributed freely. Feel free to use it, change it to meet your needs. Just drop a comment below to let me know it helped out, or if you have questions or problems adding it your blog or site.

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  1. Craig Grant /

    I had posted a question on 11/1 if you can either add languages like Portuguese or better yet if you could provide instructions how to edit the url string so anyone can add the language of their choice (which I think would be great as it would truly benefit everyone and not put the onus on you to keep adding languages). Can you please update us on this. Thank you.

  2. how come when i try to click the flags, it won’t translate? the widget shows, but it won’t translate!

  3. divine /

    hi, this a great offer really. but can i make it to translate in the current page? i mean withourt opening a new window.

    kind regards

  4. Mantap gan, thanks

  5. Roger Lezo /

    Google translator is very useful. i always use it when i want to have some instant translation of some of the stuffs that i have. *`*:*

    Many thanks

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