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New Blogger Stats Widgets

blogger stats widget

If you haven’t add any new gadget to your Blogger blog lately, then you have not seen the two newly added gadgets yet.  Blogger added two new gadgets that you can add to your blog to  show your readers stats from your blog: the Blog’s Stats and Popular Posts gadgets.  Both gadgets are now available on Blogger in Draft.

Blog’s Stats Gadget

The Blog’s stats gadget displays total pageviews of your blog. The gadget comes in different styles and also features an optional sparkline graph.

Popular Posts Gadget

The Popular Posts gadget helps your readers quickly find out which of your posts have been viewed the most by your readers. The gadget also comes with several different styles and configurations.

Go ahead and try them.

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  1. I recently added your Popular Posts and Blog’s Stats gadgets to my blog and am very happy with the way they look on my 1960s diary blog that I started in January 2010.

  2. I have gone through most of the widgets that are available in the gadget section of the blogger. Most of the stuff they have there is very basic but still it’s very useful for people who are starting out in the blogging world.

  3. I have tried adding this on my page several times. It would never show anything. :(

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